I grew up in a small town in Eastern Washington, not far from the Columbia Gorge. The scenic beauty of the Pacific Northwest, from the rolling wheat fields to the mountains, lakes and streams was the backdrop which influenced my love for the outdoors.

I was always interested in art which eventually led me to photography. Photography became my passion. The satisfaction obtained by capturing an image through the camera lens becomes emotionally exciting. The camera can go with me anywhere. There are always images to capture, whether hiking a steep mountain trail to a fire lookout or driving a road less traveled to a remote spot in Montana. Photography takes me on a journey, sometimes it can be a road trip to Texas or a vacation spot in southern California, but it always rewards me with pictures to share as proof I was there.


From landscapes to architecture, I find inspiration in capturing ordinary things in new and interesting ways. My minimalistic approach to photography challenges me to look beyond what is obvious for hidden photo opportunities. By taking away other distractions, the viewer can give their undivided attention to to the subject matter of the photo and leave to their imagination what is left out.


All my photographs are original and taken using a Canon 6d Mark ii. The frames are handmade and available in three types of wood. I intentionally chose a clean and simple frame style to enhance the minimal composition of the photograph.


My work has been exhibited in 17 art shows over 5 years throughout the Pacific Northwest and Southwest. In 2020 I won best booth display at Art in the Park in Kalispell, Montana. I enjoy showing my work at shows because I can interact with people to learn what they like and how they interpret my art.